24 April 2011

Family...and a little taste of fame!

It's only when I look back at my old blog and the posts I wrote before we moved house that I realise how much my day to day life has changed in the past year. Posts then were full of stories of chickens and ducks, and vegetables growing. Now all that has gone. I'm not complaining of course, I'm very content, but writing a day to day blog just isn't possible these days. Partly because I'm so busy, but also because if I did I'd probably bore you all to tears as it would go something like this:

Took girls to school. Came home. Sat at sewing machine. Forgot to stop for lunch. Picked up girls from school. Sat at sewing machine. Girls made their own tea. Said goodnight to girls. Sat in front of tv...sewing.

And that is pretty much how it goes most days. Of course I occasionally do eat lunch, or leave the house for something other than the school run. But most of my time is spent sewing...and I love it. The girls get involved too, sometimes making their own things, sometimes helping me:

The garden has sadly been neglected. So much so that my wonderful Dad is coming to sort it for me! I will be stepping away from the sewing machine for 2 days to help him, and hopefully by the end of it there will be something growing out there other than weeds.

Bubs Bears won't be out of action for two days though. My Mum will be taking over and filling up these hearts with lavender ready for my stall at the May Festival next week.

So, what have I been making these past few weeks? I've managed over 16 bears since I last blogged, countless tea-towels, cards, buttons, magnets and other bits and bobs. Here's some of the bears:

There's a real mixture there. Some vintage fabric one-offs, some custom-made using baby clothes. There's also a couple made from school t-shirts to help raise funds for the school. The white one is going on my stall next week and we will be running a "Guess the name of the bear" competition and hope to raise £100 for my girls' school. Talking of raising money, a little bear which I donated to a cancer charity evening was auctioned for £131! How fantastic is that?

I've had 5 minutes of fame recently which was lovely. There is a new magazine out called Simply Homemade which has great craft projects and inspiration. One of their regular features is "Found on Folksy" and that's where my little shop was shown in Issue 3:

Despite all the sewing, I have managed to take a week off to spend some much needed quality time with my girls and my sister Nam. Nam lives in Brighton and we had a fun but hectic week with a trip to London (I finally got to go to Liberty!), and lots of eating out...Choccywoccydoodah was probably our favourite :)



  1. Love the blog. You are certainly packing in the hours. Looking forward to hearing all about the May Festival.
    Jo x

  2. your girls are so pretty, glad you got to have a break! Love all your new Bears, wow you are busy! Hugs, Catherine x

  3. awwww...totally in love with your Bears!!!