5 May 2011

May Day...and mayhem

Well, the village May Festival was a HUGE success! My best stall so far in terms of sales, and one of the cheapest ones to attend as a stallholder, so it more than made up for the one where I barely made any profit at all.

This was my first outdoor stall, and I managed to borrow a gazebo from a friend (who then very kindly came over early in the morning to help me put it up). I was really pleased with how the stall looked, but judging by how big the gazebo is I could have easily had two tables and more stock. Maybe next time...

The lavender hearts which my Mum and daughter so kindly stuffed went down a storm. I'd have made a lot of money if I'd charged for every sniff that was taken too, no-one could resist picking them up and inhaling deeply!


But I think the best part of the day was seeing this little customers face when his Mum bought him a new bear:

Isn't that just adorable?! I'm sure that bear will be very well loved!

With the success of the May Festival I now need to make a lot more stock ready for the next one on the 30th. But first I think I need to tackle the sewing room. I think what you'd call this is organised chaos...or maybe just chaos...


  1. Congratulations on your success and wishing you lots more at the next market. Your bears are simply wonderful and I can see one little chap who agrees with me...

    Your sewing room... Yikes! LOL

    Jo x

  2. Brilliant! Well done you :-)

    I call it creative chaos!

  3. Your messy room looks just like mine! Glad the event went well. It is so disheartening when they don't go as well as you'd hope.

  4. Yay! Glad it went so well - it's funny isn't it how some of those fair thingys go so well and others are pants. No idea why!!

  5. It really is disheartening, like Nellie said, when you don't sell much. Especially when you know your products are popular as they sell well online. The day started off quiet, with lots of older people wandering around (they tend not to "get" my stuff) but the afternoon was hectic with lots of yummy mummies who love pretty stuff for their kids and houses! My favourite kind of customer!

  6. Your stall looks great, glad you had a good day. How cutie is that little one with his new bear!
    Lavender things always go down a treat at craft fairs don't they, I agree on changing for a sniff!

  7. Glad the fair was a success!! The stall looks fab - and the picture of the little boy is adorable! Another well cherished bear I see! ;-)

    Reuben will be having pride of place in our new house ;-) (that's if we definitely go for it....99% sure!! Got to decide before it's gone!!)

  8. Hi Abby high time I popped over ...that little baby's face says it all !

  9. Well done at your stall - it looks lovely. The photo of the boy and his bear has made my day! All the best for your next Festival on the 30th. Lisanne xx

  10. SO glad it went well, the store looks wonderful and that little boy's face is a picture - that's what it's all about :) Catherine x

  11. Hi Abby! Thanks for visiting my blog, now I've found yours! Yes Becky bought some cards and took some prints to sell in Millie Moon! Very exciting :-) Yes it was tiring. I'm so tired...!Love the pics above, that child's face is a picture! Your sewing room is just like my dining room at the moment, only my creative space is supposed to be in the summer house but thats a crazy mess too! Hope your having a good eve :-)