8 February 2011

New banner, new blog!

I've been having some new designs created for me by the lovely Catherine over at Bumpkin Bears. Not only does she make gorgeous teddy bears, but she is a very talented artist too. The banner above is the first thing she has designed for me, there will also be some others which I can use as business cards, labels etc. So to make the most of her beautiful artwork, I have decided to start up a new blog here. Wordpress is great for blogging, but it's not so great for pretty backgrounds and colour schemes, and I really wanted something to compliment Catherine's designs.

I'm still finding my way around blogger so bear with me. Things may get changed along the way, until I find a layout I'm happy with. 

For now I will just leave you with a quick reminder that it's Valentine's Day on Monday. Any bears purchased from my shop, as a gift for your loved one, will come with a little embroidered heart. I will be able to post as late as Saturday morning, so don't leave it too late!


  1. Abby, Welcome to Blogger:) The only thing that bugs me is Blogger doesn't seem to have a good subscription system like Word Press does. If you figure how it works, let me know!
    Love the dancing tooth bear fairy in your banner:)

  2. Hi Trishia, thank you! The one thing I'm struggling with so far is that when I try and upload photos the pop-up window is blank so I can't browse my photos. I hope it doesn't continue otherwise this blog will be pretty pointless!

  3. It was a delight to illustrate your new Banner, love it with the polka dots, so cute :) Catherine xx

  4. HI Sweet

    Gorgeous new blog! Hope you can manage to get everything sorted re: pics and stuff.

    LOVE your Facebook and Twitter pics on your wordpress blog! Can I steal the link so I can use them on my blog too? Pretty please? ;-) Teehee

    Love the banner too ;-) Clever Catherine!

    Love Al x

  5. Hi Al, thanks sweetie. Of course you can steal them...I just got them from Google and added them as an image with a link. Let me know if you need help doing it, though I'm sure you'll be fine.