16 March 2011

Bear...or bare?

I'm not sure my feet have touched the ground this week, I've been so busy! Or, to be more truthful, that should be that my backside hasn't left my sewing chair! But it's all been worth it...let me show you what I've been up to.

The first project I finished this week was this beautiful bear made from baby Gracie's clothes as a present for her 1st birthday.

Gracie was clearly a very well dressed baby...just look at all the pretty details on her clothes:

It was a real pleasure to work with such gorgeous clothes and I was really pleased with how the bear turned out. Judging by her face, so was Gracie!

 My next project was something a little different. As some of you may know, I made some bears last year for Mel at Finleys Footprints, for them to give to bereaved parents at our local hospital. Mel approached me with another idea a few weeks ago and I was more than happy to get involved. She has written a children's story called "How Rainbows Are Made" and it will be produced as a personalised book to help families with young children come to terms with the loss of a baby. Each book will be tailor-made to suit the family, with the names of their children, and the pictures will be arranged to match.To give you an idea of my involvement, here's the front cover:

All the individual pieces of the pictures are made of fabric and can be moved around (a little like Fuzzy Felt) to suit the story. The books will be printed and laminated, bound with ribbon and will arrive in a lovely presentation box. The cost will be £15, will all proceeds going towards supporting bereaved families. For more info, or to order you can contact Mel via her website Finleys Footprints.
The rest of the time this week has been spent making sure I am ready for the first craft fair of the year this weekend. It's only a smallish one so it should break me in gently! As well as the usual stock of bears, bags and buttons, I now have some smaller bits and bobs to tempt people. My favourites are these cards, which are made by sewing fabric directly onto the card itself...simple but very effective I think, I love them :)

And the last thing I've done this week...well I may start to regret this one but I'm literally going to bare all for a cancer charity calendar! More on that another time... ;)


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