28 March 2011

Hearts and Flowers

The bears this past week have had a bit of a loved-up theme! I found out that Emma Bridgewater is now selling fabrics, so I bought some of the pretty hearts one. So far two of these three gorgeous girls have been snapped up already:

The one at the top is still available through my Folksy shop (just click on the link to your right)

It's been a while since I made a wedding dress bear, so it was a pleasure to make this one for Caroline last week. Her dress was absolutely stunning, and I think her bear looks just as beautiful. Especially with her "something blue" flower!



  1. LOVE them as with all your Bears :) I have been busily re-designing my Blog and now see I have chosen the same dotty background as you have here, great mind think alike ;) LOVE your new cards for the show too, they are FAB. This is something I have been wanting to try for ages, all in my TO DO list that seems to grow each day! How did you sew onto the card? Did you need some kind of special needle for your machine? I hope you got my email yesterday with the font. Hugs, Catherine x

  2. Hi Catherine, it's a lovely background isn't it? I wish it was a fabric as I think it would make a great bear! The cards are selling really well, and I'm now busy making my third batch. I just use the same needle as usual, and then go straight back to sewing the fabric with it! It doesn't seem to blunt it at all. Thanks for the email, sorry I didn't reply but my computer decided to throw a wobbly and I couldn't get onto the internet or into any of my usual programs. Had to leave it overnight to calm itself down and now its refusing to print! Grrrr! I downloaded the font and it's looking fab, thank you! xx

  3. I love the Bridgewater bears - I have a hearts mug which is one of my favourites. Great to discover your blog!

    Pomona x