7 March 2011


I mentioned in my previous post what very special thing it is to be trusted with someone's treasured fabrics or clothing. Especially when the clothing belongs to a loved one who has passed away. As you will all know after seeing my last raffle, my friend lost her sister Anna to cancer after Christmas. I was asked to make some bears from Anna's clothing as keepsakes for the family. I sadly never met Anna, but have been told she was bright and bubbly and this definitely showed in her clothing. One bear was to be for Anna's nephew, so we chose her jeans to make that one, the rest are for girls so we used some of Anna's colourful summer tops:

The bear on the bottom left is ribbonless for a good reason. My friend is going to make it a necklace using some of Anna's jewellery and it will be a Mother's Day present for their Mum.


More memories have been captured in this gorgeous bear. Made from Jacob's baby clothes (he had some great striped and checked trousers!) this bear was ordered by his Grandmother Liz as a present for him. I hope he will treasure it forever.

Lastly, I just wanted to say a few words of caution. I have noticed in the past few weeks (especially on Facebook) some other people who are making keepsake bears, rabbits, cushions etc from baby clothes etc. While some look well made, others really don't (and their very low prices reflect that). I would urge anyone to carefully consider the options before sending their most cherished clothing to be made into something else. Check the photos carefully to see the workmanship, check for customer feedback, and check the price. A good quality item should take many hours of work, and if the price is very low you really have to wonder why.

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